Elevating Training and Education with XR

Immersive education with XR learning powered by digital twins enables students to interact with precise virtual replicas of real-world objects and systems.

Transform Your Training Vision into Reality

Sarah Kenny

HR Officer, The Lunch Bag

As we reflect on the past year, we are confident in saying that Acornstar has played a pivotal role in our success story. Their commitment to excellence, paired with their unwavering support, has made them an integral part of our journey. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and growth with Acornstar as our valued partner in the school meals industry.

Collaborative Innovation

Our Technical Team Partners with You to Turn Your Educational Visions into Cutting-Edge Digital Training Content.

Blend of Expertise and Artistry

Our Subject Matter Experts and Creative Artists Collaborate to Design Custom, Engaging Digital Training Materials.

From Vision to Reality

Our Professionals, Spanning Technical Experts to Artists, Craft Tailored Digital Training Solutions to Fulfill Your Ambitious Goals.

Advanced Extended Reality Solutions for Education & Training

Immersive Learning Redefined

Holo12 is our cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize education through immersive technology. It combines augmented reality (AR) to create engaging, interactive learning experiences. Students can explore complex subjects in a dynamic 3D environment, making education more accessible and enjoyable.

Advanced Extended Reality Solutions for Education & Training

Case Study

Enhancing Photonics Education for the

Photon Hub

The Photon Hub needed an innovative solution to make advanced photonics education accessible and engaging for learners worldwide. They required a platform to deliver high-quality training content with immersive experiences that replicated the experience in the Lab and hands-on training.

Flexiblexable, Powerful & Effective

Training Solution


AcornXR developed a centralised learning platform that is accessible online via any browser, smartphone application, and VR/XR headset.  This platform provides seamless access to all training content, allowing learners to engage anytime, anywhere.

Blend of Expertise and Artistry

AcornXR built next-generation VR, AR, and MR applications for smartphones and VR headsets to replicate hands-on training using digital twins of lab machinery and VR 180 Spatial Video.

Experience & Expertise

Utilising our extensive experience in creating very high-quality technical training content and collaborating with the Photon Hub engineers, our team created a series of Photonics courses that transform the learning experience from mobile to headset.

Our solutions empower learners to explore complex topics through immersive experiences or on any connected device, all connected to one central Learning Management System. Without the expense and time needed to visit locations all over the EU.

By partnering with PhotonHub, AcornXR has revolutionised photonics education, making it more interactive, accessible, and effective. This collaboration highlights the power of XR technologies in transforming educational experiences and meeting the needs of a diverse learner base.