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Dr Anu Agrawal

MIT Training Coordinator

We are impressed by the level of progress achieved within the timeline and are particularly impressed with the work done to integrate real photonic equipment designs into the training platform.
This provides a much more relevant and practical experience to course attendees.

Augmented Reality Solutions
Advanced Virtual Reality

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Unlock the potential of your business with Acorn XR’s innovative XR solutions. Optimize processes, drive sales, and elevate training with our advanced technologies.


VR Applications

We create custom VR apps to provide immersive, engaging experiences tailored to your needs. Our end-to-end solutions ensure seamless integration and outstanding user engagement.

AR Solutions for Smartphones

Creating bespoke AR apps for smartphones that captivate users and enhance interactivity. Our comprehensive development services offer cutting-edge AR experiences, from concept to deployment.

Full-Service VR and AR Content Creation

Offering turnkey solutions for creating compelling VR and AR content. Our expert team delivers immersive experiences that bring your vision to life, enhancing engagement and retention.

XR LMS Development

Designing and implementing robust Learning Management Systems that streamline training and education. Our turnkey solutions provide a seamless user experience, integrating VR and AR for immersive learning.

VR Stereoscopic Video Production Services

Delivering high-quality stereoscopic video content with our end-to-end production services. We create immersive videos that enhance storytelling and engagement, utilising the latest technology.em ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec sed finibus nisi, sed dictum eros.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Crafting innovative marketing strategies using VR, AR, and MR to captivate and engage audiences. Our turnkey solutions transform how you connect with customers and drive brand success.

Remote Device Management

Efficiently manage AR/VR headsets with centralized control, seamless content updates, and real-time engagement insights. Ensure consistent, effective user experiences while reducing operational overhead and simplifying device management across all locations.

Centralized control of AR/VR headsets

Seamless content updates and deployment

Real-time user engagement insights

Consistent and effective user experiences

“Acorn Stars AR initiatives, are not just creating a buzz; they are crafting enduring educational tools that blend environmental consciousness with the magic of technology.”

“Learners can hold their phone to the screen and see elements move in three dimensions, popping out of the screen, in an experience we are more used to with the very high end of video games than in workplace training.

 Drive Marketing Success & Revenue

Growth With XR

Elevate Sales Performance

VR Increase conversion rates with interactive AR, VR and MR and Spatial Video experiences that make your products stand out.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Captivate your audience and boost sales with digital twin technology that provides realistic, immersive product demonstrations.

Maximize Sales Impact

Utilize immersive XR demos to enhance your marketing efforts and drive higher customer engagement.