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Sorry, Professor, I Shrunk the Students

XR Applications Development to Solve Real-World Problems

XR Applications Development to Solve Real-World Problems

Imagine shrinking students or engineers and immersing them in the world of Extended Reality (XR) to see what is happening at a microscopic level. XR learning and digital twins allow learners to interact with precise virtual replicas of real-world objects and systems. This innovative approach revolutionises training by providing detailed, hands-on experiences that enhance understanding and engagement. By visualising complex processes and machinery in an immersive environment, trainees can gain deeper insights and practical knowledge, leading to more effective learning outcomes.
That’s precisely what AcornStar (AcornXR) achieved with their latest Horizon 2020 initiative, working with the Photon Hub Europe, the Tyndall Institute, and VUB in Brussels.
The implications are far-reaching in a world where technology advances at an unprecedented pace. Whether in medical devices, chip design, robotics, or any complex field, understanding these technologies is increasingly challenging. The scale is so minute that comprehension can be daunting. Those who truly understand and have access to the necessary equipment to design and implement these technologies are hard to come by, let alone access them.

Virtual Learning Management Systems and Headset management

    Delivering virtual, mixed, and augmented reality lessons integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and advanced headset management tools, AcornXR enhances the learning experience and revolutionises how technology is sold, marketed, and implemented. This comprehensive approach has significant positive implications for a wide variety of technology sectors.
    Training and upskilling in these rapidly evolving fields is no easy task. The technological changes and advancements are so swift that the skills taught today may be irrelevant next year. Access to the equipment needed for advanced design and understanding the implementation is expensive and logistically challenging. Moreover, the expertise required to impart this knowledge is not always in the wheelhouse of those on the coal face of innovation.
    That’s where the experience of creating engaging, highly technical training comes in. By blending expertise and artistry, subject matter experts and creative artists collaborate to design custom, engaging digital training materials.

      Custom VR solutions

      The Challenge of Access

        Even with a golden ticket, accessing laboratories with advanced technologies and expertise can be highly challenging. Travel expenses and time commitments pose significant barriers for individuals and companies. Thankfully, there is now a more efficient way to train engineers, designers, and implementers of these technologies. Ironically, the solution to these problems lies within advanced technologies themselves.
        AcornXR brings its experience in developing learning management systems and creating interactive, engaging learning content to the forefront. These innovations have earned rave reviews at the EU level and from prestigious institutions like MIT.
        Working with teams at VUB and the Tyndall Institute in their advanced photonic research centres, AcornXR has developed a platform offering immersive learning experiences. Leveraging XR technologies and spatial video, AcornStar enables learners to visualise the intricacies of advanced technologies at a microscopic scale from anywhere, at any time.
        AcornXR’s innovative approach to XR learning and digital twins sets a new standard for training and education, providing immersive, interactive, and practical learning experiences that prepare learners for the challenges of the future.